Monthly Marketing Retainer Program



For radio campaigns you must send us your single to be reviewed first before we accept any money. The Minimum Internet Radio campaigns last for 4 Weeks 300+ Spins per week 4 DRT Reports and they start immediately. Minimum Budget $500


FM Commercial Radio Campaigns last 8 Weeks and come with BDS/MediaBase Reports Each Week. Minimum Budget $10,000


College Radio Campaigns are also available and last 8-12 Weeks and come with CMJ and BDS Reports each week. 

Minimum Budget $6,000

Video Publicist

Our music video publicist campaign is an 8 week campaign that allows us to service your music video by submitting it to over 600 different media oulets like Retail Stores, Bowling Alleys, Restaurants and Networks like REVOLT, MTV, MUSIC CHOICE, VH1, MUCH MUSIC AND MORE. We don't stop at submitting you we work to get you airplay on networks and give you weekly reports on the progress each Friday. Call to learn more about this package. The cost of this package is $6,000

  •      Pitch airplay on mtvU, MTV2, M T V. com

  •     ·  Pitch to secure airplay on RE VOLT & Revolt. T V

  •     ·  Pitch to secure placement at Music Choice On Demand

  •     ·  Pitch to secure FUSE Music “Dope $hit” and Fuse Musicon Demand

  •     ·  Pitch to secure airplay on Much Music, AUX TV and Musique Plus in Canada.

  •     ·  Pitch to secure placement at industry leading video pools like Promo Only, Screenplay & MOOD Media

  •     ·  Pitch to secure airplay with numerous Regional Broadcast and Cable TV shows across the USA

  •     ·  Pitch to secure additional placement with blogs & online features
    Internet target sites - Partial List:
    • • MTV Hits • Music Choice • Havoc TV • Consequence of Sound • AOL Boombox • This is 50 • PaperChaser dot com • Beat 100
    Pitch and Obtain adds at the Following Video Pools - Partial list:
    MOOD Music • In Store Sports Network • Promo Only • Rock-America • E-Vision • Screenplay • Channel M / Play Network • Club Com •
    Pitch adds at the following On Demand Services: Partial list
    Music Choice • FUSE ON DEMAND • Havoc TV • MTV VOD


  • Pricing summary:

  • We have a few different packages depending on how many weeks of active promotion & feedback you would like on the video. Each package includes the # of weeks of promotion, servicing to our full list of programmers (600+ possible outlets for airplay) closed captioning, digital submission cost, duplication, shipping and weekly tracking reports of promotional follow-up. As stated above, we’ll be happy to do a 8 week promotional campaign with full tracking updates & feedback for the flat rate of $6,000 and we would love to work with you on this.
    The programmers can’t play the video if they don’t have it, so we want every viable programmer on our extensive list to be serviced with the video. The end result of all of these efforts is to introduce you, your artist & your brand to real industry insiders on a National level, 




$300 1 Playlist - 1 Week (1K - 4K Estimated Streams) $500 1 Playlist - 2 Weeks (4K - 8K Estimated Streams) $700 1 Playlist - 3 Weeks (8K - 10K Estimated Streams) $800 1 Playlist - 1 Week (10K - 20K Estimated Streams)


$500 - Reach 100K Followers ( 12K - 20K Estimated Streams)
$900 - Reach 250K Followers ( 25K - 40K Estimated Streams)
$1,500 - Reach 500K Followers ( 40K - 50K Estimated Streams)

$2,700 - Reach 1Million Followers ( 100K - 200K Estimated Streams)

$3,800 - Reach 1.5Million Followers ( 150K - 250K Estimated Streams)

$5,000 - Reach 2Million Followers ( 200K - 400K Estimated Streams)

$7,500 - Reach 3Million Followers ( 400K - 600K Estimated Streams)


$500 - Reach 5Million ( 10K - 25K Estimated Streams)
$800 - Reach 10Million ( 25K - 50K Estimated Streams)
$1,500 - Reach 20Million ( 50K - 100K Estimated Streams)

$3,000 - Reach 30Million ( 200K - 300K Estimated Streams)

$5,000 - Reach 60Million ( 500K - 1Million Estimated Streams)

$8,000 - Reach 90Million ( 1Million - 2Million Estimated Streams)

Music Video Promotions

We promote your Music Video directly to the fans who already have subscriptions to YouTube  which makes it easier for them to watch, comment and rate your video.  This generates organic views and comments and ratings. Campaigns run from 30-60 days. 

Target Impression 550,000  - $450           

Target Impression 1,125,000  - $800         

Target Impression 3,000,000 - 1,400


Keep in mind that these are real people watching your music videos so make sure you promote your best work. We can not control what people say on your comments because as we’ve stated these are real people. So make sure your project is great to get great reviews.

What is Artist Development?

Artist Development is the process any musician goes through to develop their craft and skills necessary to build a professional career in the music industry. This means everything from voice, songwriting, image and branding, music production and marketing.  

Marketing- Strategies 

A marketing analysis on client’s current market will be conducted, I will create marketing strategies that are beneficial for the client and their brand, product, or service, and come up with a strategic marketing plan that will guarantee news leads or listeners.  


I will give clients different platforms to make sure their brand, product, or service reach their target market. Platforms will be determined by the type of marketing strategy you decide to use

Music Consulting

I will listen to client’s music and give a full analysis by identify Pros and Cons. This apply to stage rehearsal and delivery development 

Image Shaping

I will help artist identify their image on and off the stage. This includes a stylist and fitness coach

Stage Rehearsal

I will watch previous videos of Client’s performance and help client become better on stage

Delivery Development

I will come to client’s studio session and help create the perfect tones for song(s) being recorded


Artist Development Packages

Gold- $1,200  

5 - one on one sessions (This includes Image Shaping, Stage Rehearsal, Delivery Development, and Music Consulting)

Marketing Analysis and Strategie

3 Promotion Platforms

Social Media Building


Platinum- $1,500  

6 - 2hr one on one sessions (This includes Image Shaping, Stage Rehearsal, Delivery Development, and Music Consulting)

Marketing Analysis and Strategies

4 Promotion Platforms

Social Media Building

Diamond- $2,000 

10 2hr one on one sessions (This includes Image Shaping, Stage Rehearsal, Delivery Development, and Music Consulting)

Marketing Analysis, Strategies, and Plan

8 Promotion Platforms

Social Media Building

Mixing and Mastering

Do you have an Album or Single and need mixing and mastering?


If you answered yes to let us have our mixing and mastering engineers help get your song's sound production to the next level. Our Producer's/ Mixing and Mastering Engineers -along with there team will bring your sound to perfection. Cost $175


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