Ms. Axtion


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Ms.Axtion also know as Semekia Payne. MS.AXTION (pronounced ACTION)

represents the definition as it read in the dictionary.

AC-TION – DOING, TO DO, THE ACT OF DOING. The definition defines her as a

human, a women and a artist.

She was born on Detroit’s west side, Joy road area. She attended Parkman

Elementary School, Ruddiman Middle School, and Mackenzie High School. Axtions

strongest subjects were spelling, writing, language arts, and science. As a youth she

was creative, had a strong personality and was resilient which kept her in her share

of trouble. Her experiences bleeding from words to lyrics to music is why Axtion

music appeals to various generations, genders, and races. Its relatable, raw and sexy

hooks crosses genders and age barriers each time.

She has been recognized and received awards for Female Artist Of The Year in

Atlanta, GA and Mobile, Ala. Ms.Axtion was also nominated in South, Carolina

Awards for Female Artist of the year.

Ms.Axtion most current singles are on all major platforms and can be heard on many

online radio stations.