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Michael “Bloonz Billionfold” Morton was born and raised in Baltimore City, Maryland . Bloonz comes from a very musical family his Mother, Father, Aunts and Uncles were all in a soul band called the” East Side Funkateers” in the late 70's. Bloonz dropped out of high school at the age of 15 with hopes of a Rap Career but soon turned to crime as most inner city youth often do. That life just didn’t appeal to Bloonz and he soon after started to focus more on becoming an Artist. By the late 1990’s Bloonz Billionfold and childhood friend John “Sundown” Mack had perfected the craft of writing rap music. They spent most of their time trying to land a record deal. In July of 1997 Bloonz musical aspirations took a detour when his partner in was arrested and sent to prison for allegedly shooting at Baltimore City police officers. Bloonz felt that rapping just wasn't fun anymore without his partner, so he turned to producing. Learning to make beats on a friends MPC 2000, he soon became very skillful in Hip-Hop and R&B productions. By the turn of the millennium he was buying his own equipment, only to have it all stolen from a local studio that he was renting. It wasn't until 2005 when Bloonz decided he wanted to make music full time. He then hustled up money for more equipment and moved to Atlanta, Georgia the following year. While living in Atlanta he launched his own multimedia company(RPGWORKS)and has done assistant production work on music videos such as C.T.E.'s "throw this money", Bloodraw ft. Young Buck "26 inches", Streetdreamz DVD(now Dream Filmz)and a long list of others. Bloonz has also produced up and coming artist such as Supa Starrz, Si-Notes, the Ambiance, and Teah Philani. Current projects include a series of Mixtapes with Dj Quiz entitled “Honeycomb hideouts & Quiness stouts and a n LP Called “Slumlord". The "rocket launcher" Bloonz Bilionfold is perhaps one of the most versatile producers of his day. Utilizing both new age and vintage equipment his influences are the Alchemist, Pharrell Williams, 9th wonder, and Justice League. Bloonz is also one of the founders of the Durt Bag Crew International Movement.

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